Information for Editors of JRMS

Dear Sir(s)/Madam(s),

The following information would be very useful to go through to understand the workings of JRMS. This information is provided to avoid confusions and smooth-en the review process.

Your cooperation is what makes JRMS tick.

With best regards

1. A survey on Subject Matter Expertise is conducted as soon as you join the JRMS editorial board. Filling up this survey is critical to the on-boarding process.

2. Papers submitted in your area of expertise (as filled up in the Survey Form by you) will be routed to you "as soon as" it is received and determined not to be a corrupt upload. You will find your email in the "To" list. The expectation is that you will review this paper and provide your comments by a reply-all email. You may attach a referee-report if the text of the email cannot be sufficient to express your views on the paper.

3. A "rejection" is expected earlier than an "acceptance". Ideally, the review time should not be more than 6 months because it would not be fair to the author to delay the review further. However, in exceptional circumstances there can be more than 6 months of time between the notification of submission to the first response to the author. Please note that it would be good to know if the paper is an "immediate reject" quickly so that the same may be communicated to the author.

4. Once in about 3 months, the Admins try to clear backlog pending papers still in review. In this case, multiple emails could be triggered to you as reminders to complete the review.

5. It is important that ALL authors submit their papers online so that it is easier on all of us to track these submitted papers to their final acceptance/rejection. If you receive a paper by email for consideration in JRMS, please ask the author to submit his paper online.

6. You can always write to the admin without hesitation for any help at this email The chief-editor can be reached at