Guidelines for assigning referee.

1. Please make sure the submission ID of the paper for which you are about to assign the referee report is correct. You will find this in the email sent to you that had the details of the paper.

2. In case a paper is re-submitted, the latest submission ID should be used.

3. You can have a quick look at the papers (and their submission IDs) in your queue from HERE as well as from this page itself by clicking "Get Status" button . If you are a handling editor then you may just leave the submission ID blank to get a list of all papers in your queue.

4. It is mandatory to give the name (without title) and the correct email of the referee. Once you update this then the paper will be routed to the referee with you as the handling editor (in cc).

5. Note that this form has a "dual use" - one, to check the status of papers in your queue as well as to assign the referees for the papers you are handling. If this is the first time you are assigning the particular referee then the system records the details of the referee for future reference.