When submitting your paper online to JRMS it is strongly recommended to choose the proper subject.

If you are choosing a handling editor then it is required to choose the corresponding subject as well. Not choosing a subject could lead to delays.

A subject from the following list can be chosen when submitted online.

Number Theory (AMS 11) Kannan Soundararajan
Linear and Multilinear Algebra (AMS 15) Rajendra Bhatia
Operator Theory (AMS 47) Rajendra Bhatia
Geometric Methods in Representation Theory Shrawan Kumar
Algebraic Number Theory Sujatha Ramdorai
Iwasawa Theory (11R23) Sujatha Ramdorai
Elliptic curves (11G05, 11G07) Kannan Soundararajan
K-Theory (46L35) Kannan Soundararajan
Operator algebras (46L05) Kannan Soundararajan
Classification of C* Algebras (46L80) Kannan Soundararajan
Non-Commutative Topology (46L85) Kannan Soundararajan
Non-Commutative Differential Geometry (46L87) Kannan Soundararajan
Dynamical Systems Kannan Soundararajan
Operator algebras (46L) B. V. Rajarama Bhat
Quantum Probability (81S25, 46L50 ) B. V. Rajarama Bhat
Matrix Theory (15) B. V. Rajarama Bhat
Algebraic Geometry (14H-XX) Prakash Belkale
Graph Theory Kannan Soundararajan
Number Theory (AMS 11) Dipendra Prasad
Representation Theory Vyjayanthi Chari
Quantum Groups Vyjayanthi Chari
Lie Algebras Vyjayanthi Chari
Harmonic Analysis Sundaram Thangavelu
Lie Groups Nimish Shah
Ergodic Theory Nimish Shah
Homogeneous Dynamics applications to Number Theory (22E40) Nimish Shah
Geometric Group Theory Indira Chatterjee
Partial Differential Equations Mythily Ramaswamy
Nonlinear Functional Analysis (46TXX) Mythily Ramaswamy
Arithmetic geometry Khare
Galois representations (11F80) Khare