JRMS Worldwide Submissions Map
Image: JRMS receives submissions from all over the world.

courtesy: The Scientific Indian

Guidelines for Enquiry

JRMS receives a huge number of submissions throughout the year from around the world. The JRMS editorial board consists of respected mathematicians in their respective fields. Though we are trying reduce the time taken for a review, it does happen sometimes that the review of a particular paper takes much more time than expected due to the schedules of individual editors and referees.

Please allow 5-6 months before enquiring on the status of a paper if you have not received a response already. It is also important to ensure that the subject chosen at the time of submission is closest to your paper. Generally, if the subject is not correct, inordinate delays can happen in finding the right referee. Also, ensure that you have followed the "Submission Guidelines" given HERE.

The form below allows you to check on the status of your paper anytime. If after 6 months you do not receive a response or do not see the status of the paper change here, then please write an email to admin@ramanujanmathsociety.org enquiring on the same. We will do our best to expedite the review process.

Following are the review states and their description:
In Queue: The paper is in queue with an Editor or a Referee and is yet to receive attention from him.
In Review: The paper is in review with an Editor or a Referee and is awaiting a referee report.
In Queue Declined: The paper has been declined by a Editor or Referee for reviewing. This can happen due to multiple reasons. The paper will now get queued with another Editor / Referee for his attention.

Frequently asked Questions

Q. The paper was In Review and is now is In Queue. What happened?
A. A second opinion might have been asked for. So the paper goes to another Editor / Referee for a second opinion. This is not frequent, but does happen when opinions differ.

Q. It has been a long time (>9 months) for my paper. Why is it taking so long?
A. The JRMS editorial board consists of respected mathematicians in their respective fields. JRMS is a peer reviewed journal and the reviewers have to take time out of their busy academic schedules. If you have the contacts of respected mathematicians in the subject area of your submission, then you could suggest the names and contacts of them to admin@ramanujanmathsociety.org, we will see if we can get in touch with the suggested referees and they respond.

Note: if you have any other question, you may write to admin@ramanujanmathsociety.org directly.