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Volume 33, No. 2, June  2018

Volume 33 Issue 2 June 2018- Complete Issue
Ritabrata Munshi and E. Sampathkumar
-Table of Contents-
A remark on a conjecture of Chowla
M. Ram Murty and Akshaa Vatwani
A note on Euclidean cyclic cubic fields
Srinivas Kotyada and Subramani Muthukrishnan

Admissible primes and Euclidean quadratic fields
M. Ram Murty, Kotyada Srinivas and Muthukrishnan Subramani

On the module of derivations of certain rings of invariants
Arindam Dey and Vinay Wagh
On the right orthogonal complement of the class of  w-flat modules
Fuad Ali Ahmed Almahdi, Mohammed Tamekkante and Refat Abdelmawla Khaled Assaad

            7. A positive proportion of cubic curves over Q admit linear determinantal representations
Yasuhiro Ishitsuka
8. Comparing the corank of fine Selmer group and Selmer group of elliptic curves
Sudhanshu Shekhar